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Waxing Services


Please note all treatments at Saint Beauty have a small sustainable salons fee added. 


Women's Waxing


Brazilian First  $80 

First timer – or over 12 weeks since last wax 

A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the bikini line front and back, with the option of leaving a strip.

Brazilian Regular  $70 

Less than 12 weeks since the last Brazilian wax. 

Brazilian Rebook  $60

Rebook your wax and return to Saint Beauty within 6 weeks of your last Brazilian. 

Bikini Extended  $50 

Between a Brazilian and a bikini tidy, everything is removed from the front outside the g-string line.

Bikini Basic  $40 

Removal of hair outside the regular underwear line.

Underarm $30

Full Leg  $75 

Upper thighs to feet and toes.

Lower Half Leg $50

From the knee down.

Upper Half Leg  $58

From Bikini line to knee.


Full Arms $55

Shoulders to hands and fingers.

Half Arm  $40

Elbow to hands and fingers.

Upper Lip or Chin or Nose $25  

Upper Lip and Chin $35 

Full Face $65 inc brows

Cheeks, upper lip, chin & brow tidy.

Wax Patches $10

Size quoted by Therapist.


Men's Waxing

Chest $60

Stomach $43

Back $75

Full back wax including shoulders and top of arms.

Back and Chest and Shoulders $130

Full back, chest & stomach wax.

Full Leg $80

Half Leg $60

Full Arm $60

Half Arm $50

Underarm $40

Wax Patches $10

Size quoted by Therapist.

Ears or Nose $25 

Ears & Nose $45

Ears + Nose + Brows $70

Men's Brow Groom $30

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